Welcome to the Easy as Pie Kitchen!

Healthy meals to go!

EAP is an Edmonton based business designed to help you eat healthier and save you time.

Our superior premade meal alternatives are created using quality ingredients and are designed to help fit your lifestyle needs. We offer a simple order and delivery service so your meals conveniently arrive right at your doorstep, just a few steps away from being ready to eat.

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Why Choose Easy as Pie?

Canada Red Seal

Professional Training

Canadian Red Seal Chef

Certified Nutritionist calculated meals

Canada-wide author and experienced recipe writer of Company’s Coming: Healthy Series cookbooks.

Professional Hospitality Manager Diploma

Team-members certified in:

  • Food hygiene and sanitation
  • Food safe practices
  • First Aid

Above and Beyond

Above and Beyond

EAP is committed to providing exciting, wholesome, and nutritious meals. Each meal is carefully crafted to be packed with flavour while reinforcing healthy eating habits. EAP does this by crafting home cooked meals with a wide variety of super foods.

EAP sources real ingredients and uses natural cooking methods. All meals are created without the use of preservatives and any unnecessary added salts.

Step 6 Eat


EAP proudly prepares all food in a clean, safe, and licensed environment. All necessary food handling permits and certifications are up to date as outlined by the Alberta Health Board. These standards are maintained by two passionate industry professionals.

Environmentally Friendly


EAP respects all ingredients used and pride themselves in maintaining a minimal waste facility. This is possible through careful menu creation, preparation, and adherence to a prestigious recycling programme. Extending beyond the kitchen, EAP encourages customers to recycle all boxes and food saver bags from your deliveries.

Here for you

Here For You

We are a community based business committed to helping our neighbours. Some of our recent endeavours have included donations to silent auctions and working with local, independent business to promote growth within our community. Additionally, the use of local produce and l businesses allow us to reduce our carbon footprint and respect our environment.

Step 3 Freeze

The Frozen Advantage

Having selected the freshest, vitamin rich ingredients, and incorporating gentle cooking methods, EAP provides superior nutritional value to each meal.

By freezing the products, EAP locks in far more nutrients compared to traditional cooking methods. Our recommended re-heating process ensures the highest nutrient retention.

As a customer, you will obtain a longer shelf life packed with far more nutrients with our products (up to 3 months).